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Ag Country Tactics with Greg Staggs, Latitude's In Session - Ep. 27

On todays episode of Latitude's In Session Podcast. Were joined by Greg Staggs to discuss his approach to hunting ag country bucks. Greg has been mobile hunting for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge about targeting mature public land bucks.


We discuss:

- Ag country tactics

- Utilizing floods to identify high spots in flat land

- How coyote trapping relates to whitetail hunting

- Managing expectations as a deer hunter

- One-sticking pros and cons

- Greg's one-sticking pack

- Much more!

Tips and Tricks On The Line Trapping With Greg Staggs, The Outdoor Drive - Ep. 226

This week we get a little dirty on the trapline with Greg Staggs. You have all heard Greg talk and write mobile hunting and saddle hunting for years. Well today, he's going to talk about his true passion -- and that's trapping. Greg is a very avid land trapper, chasing sly coyotes and bobcats and he does it very well. In this episode, we put a lot of misconceptions to rest about trapping, along with teaching a thing or two about how it goes out on the line. Come and take the ride with us as we talk about true woodsmanship -- trapping, this week.

Greg Staggs, Saddle Cartel 

We get the humble and genuine, Greg Staggs from Staggs in The Wild on to take a look at his journey into the world of saddle hunting. Don’t miss it!

One Stick To Rule Them All! Petersen's Bowhunting Podcast - Ep. 66

Sure, you know about the saddle-hunting craze. But do you know about one-sticking? In this episode, YouTuber Greg Staggs from Staggs in the Wild joins us for an in-depth discussion of the one-stick climbing method and how it can take your mobile bowhunting the next level in terms of weight reduction and stealth!

25 Mature Buck Hunting Tips! How To Target Mature Bucks Every Year, The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast - Ep. 488

At the 2023 Mobile Hunters Expo (Chattanooga TN) we sat down with 8 of the most consistent big buck hunters we could find to get their best tips! Our guests include:


- Jacob Emery

- Greg Staggs

- Rusty Johnson

- Hunter Hogan

- Carl Brown

- Joe Miles

- Rendell Erik

- Rusteen Johnson

Big Public-Land Whitetails With Greg Staggs, The Outdoor Drive - Ep. 205


This week we drop the tailgate with our good friend Greg Staggs. Greg is a very well rounded outdoorsman youtuber mobile hunter and outdoor writer. We pick gregs brain this week on his tactics and stragies on chasing big bucks on public land. If you are a mobile hunter that wants to shoot big deer this is the podcast for you.

One-Sticking Like A Pro With Greg Staggs, The Southern Outdoorsmen Hunting Podcast - Ep. 393

This week Jacob is at the first annual Mobile Hunters Expo and is talking with Greg Staggs on all things one-sticking! They discuss advantages and disadvantages, knowing if one-sticking is something you should try in your area, Greg's methods and more! 

DIY'ing For Public-Land Giants with Greg Staggs, The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast - Ep. 129

Greg Staggs has a great track record when it comes to DIY, public-land whitetail hunting. We talk about hunting overlooked spots, finding hard-to-access areas, and hunting in adverse conditions such as hot weather like we are experiencing now!

Staggs in the Wild with Greg Staggs, Whitetail Theories Podcast - Ep. 75

In this podcast, Greg Staggs host of the YouTube Channel Staggs in the Wild joins me to discuss an array of topics. Greg got into the hunting industry as a writer for a multitude of magazines and has now morphed into the YouTube scene. Greg primarily is a saddle hunter and is very well known for his in-depth gear reviews on some of the newest gear to hit the market; however it doesn't stop there as Greg is also an avid trapper, turkey hunter and overall outdoorsman. I really enjoyed this discussion and I'm sure you will too.

Do You Even One-Stick, Bro? The Bowhunting Podcast 

Saddle hunting is all the rage among bowhunters, and no saddle-hunting tactic is hotter than "one-sticking." In this episode, Greg Staggs from the Staggs in the Wild YouTube channel joins Editor Christian Berg for an in-depth, how-to discussion of one-sticking and how this climbing method can help you be more efficient and effective in the field.

Greg Staggs Joins Us To Talk Mobile Hunting, Public Hunting and Trapping, Bustin' Beaks and Chasin' Tails Podcast

In this episode, Greg Staggs joins Todd and Brian to talk about his mobile hunting setup and hunting on public land.   Greg is also an accomplished trapper and he gives some info on trapping. Check out Greg's YouTube channel Staggs in the Wild.  It is an outstanding channel, especially for anyone wanting to learn about mobile hunting and saddle hunting.

How To Pee From A Tree, Fueled By The Outdoors Podcast - Ep. 73

Today on episode 73 of the Podcast Chris talks to Greg Staggs. Chris and Greg cover a lot of ground in this one! Topics covered are: Supplementing food costs with Wild Game, The inception of Whitetail hunting for Greg, Your first bow, The OG Mobile hunting set ups, How a saddle can be the most important piece of hunting equipment, Peeing from a saddle the correct way. Strong Side and Weak side shots, The Mobile Hunting Show and So much more!

Getting Mobile In The Deer Woods, Bustin' Beaks and Chasin' Tails Podcast

Greg Staggs join us to talk mobile hunting and the benefits to the tree saddle.

The Break #13 - Greg Staggs, The Break Podcast


Greg Staggs is a published author for multiple hunting and outdoor publications including Field & Stream and Petersen's Bowhunting, and has provided enough venison for his family through bowhunting that he hasn't purchased meat from a store in over 20 years.

Dan O - Eastern Woods Outdoors, The Whitetail Distraction Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by our good buddy Dan O from Eastern Woods Outdoors!! I challenge you to find a more popular DIY mobile/saddle hunting, build-your-own website! We dive deep into Dan O's 250+ item product line and the extremely new popular trend of one-sticking and rappelling! The Ultimate One Stick is changing the game, in part a huge thanks to Greg Staggs and this video:

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