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Greg Staggs began his bowhunting career in 1990 as a sophomore in college. Wanting to supplement his grocery bill, he picked up a wildlife handbook from the sporting goods’ counter at a local Walmart one night and took it home to look through it. Flipping through the pages, he came across “whitetail deer” and thought to himself that killing one would go a long way toward filling the freezer. Little did he know that would start an infatuation with mobile hunting on public lands as a DIY bowhunter. Now, 34 years later, Greg has killed over 100 big-game animals with his bow – all on public land. He is frequently published in magazines like Petersen’s Bowhunting, was the long-time back-page columnist for Inside Archery -- where he was tabbed to replace Hall of Fame Bowhunter Jim Daugherty -- written for a multitude of websites and has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts.

Married to Alison for 27 years (and the subject of his first feature article he sold to Petersen's Bowhunting, "A Tribute To A Bowhunter's Wife"), together they have two sons, Matthew and Gabriel. Gabe can frequently be seen hunting or giving his brutally honest opinion on new gear he's using with his dad on their YouTube channel, Staggs in the Wild. Matthew is a junior in college at Southeast Missouri State, and while he doesn't get as much camera time as his younger brother, he's no less passionate about all things outdoors -- especially turkey hunting, bowfishing and deer hunting. 

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